New website launch 2014

Updated Morton IS website launched

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Finally got around to updating the Morton Internet Solutions website. A complete overhaul employing bootstrap responsive styling, the benefits of  HTML 5 standards and CSS3 stylesheets using a single page for the majority of the site content helping the flow and user experience.

The features incorporated into the landing page are akin to the tiled Metro style employed in more recent incarnations of the Windows touch interface.

For the Blog, as nobody does blog CMS better, the latest WordPress was incorporated into the website. Then customised to flow with the look and feel of the main site.

The main criteria was to make the whole site work well on multiple devices, resolutions and browsers (Old IE still the bane of all web developers, blog explaining why coming soon).

As well as explaining a little bit about what we can offer, there are a list of recent websites with glowing testimonials from clients, with links to their sites and a link to a our demo e-commerce solution to see how we can help enhance your selling capabilities through smart e-commerce solutions.

A small showcase and taster of some of the results than can be achieved by partnering with Morton Internet Solutions for all your website needs.


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